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ABHA Card | Digital Health ID card | ABHA Card Application | ABHA Card Download |National health card.

 ABHA Card | Digital Health ID card | ABHA Card Application | ABHA Card Download | National health card.

(Health care card sa)

The Prime Minister of India has come up with another new project to make India more Digital.The former name was Digital Health ID Card and now it has been renamed as ABHA Card. This is Ayushman Bharat Health Account. It is believed that this ABHA Card will take India towards more digital age Ayushman Bharat Health Account is the key to your digital healthcare journey

Why create ABHAABHA Card?

ABHA Card was formerly known as Digital Health ID. Using it is the first step in creating secure and efficient digital health records for you and all members of your family. You can opt-in to create a digitally protected ABHA, which allows you to participate in healthcare providers and Allows you to access and share your health data with the consent of the providers.

Digital health records

With this Abha card you can get your patient admitted to the hospital in a paperless manner. And you will be able to access and secure your information for eternity.

Easy sign up.

To do this or to login, you can create your Abha card using mobile number Aadhaar number and only mother basic information. And you can download and print it on a digital printer.

Voluntary opt-in.

We kindly request you to participate in this portal of your own free will and you choose to create the Abhab card from the link of our website.

Voluntary opt-out.

You can apply to this portal to delete all your data at any time and at any moment and all your data will be deleted immediately.

Your Own Health Record (PHR)

Accept your personal health record (PHR) with ABHA and link it to create our longitudinal health history of mine so that all records are protected.

Consent-based access

You will be granted access to your health data only after your explicit and fully disclosed consent. You have the power to manage and revoke your consent if required. None of this will be accessed without your permission.

The right of access to doctors

This includes the right to access certified doctors across the country. All doctors across the country will be able to access your ABHA CARD.

Child ABHA

Create an ABHA card for each of your children in your home. Create an ABHA card and create a digital health record from birth.

Add a nominee

When you create your ABHA card, add a nominee to access the avocado and add someone to your home to help you view or manage your records

Inclusive access

You can use it on your smartphone. You can use Scriptures on your phone. 

National health card.

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