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O My God Movie | O My God comedy movies hindi full | oh my god movie collection | oh my god remake hollywood movie

 O My God Movie | O My God comedy movies hindi full | oh my god movie collection | oh my god remake hollywood movie

O My God is a 2021 Indian Hindi language movie. O My God movie is a fictional movie but it has no resemblance to reality, yes, although there are some similarities with reality, this O My God movie is a comedy movie. The director of this movie is Umesh Shulka. The story of this movie is a little Gujarati family story. This and My God movie is written by Soumya Josi. And My God movie starring Akshay Kumar Paresh Rawal Mithun Chakraborty Govinda Naam Deo Poonam Jhawar Pooja Gupta and Mahesh Mangeshkar in lead role.

O My God Movie Information

  • Directed By :- Umesh Shukla
  • Based on :-Kanji Virrudh Kanji
  • Written By :- Umesh Shukla
  • Starring :- Akshay Kumar ,Paresh Rawal
  • Edited By :- Tushar Shiven
  • Music :- Amar Mohile
  • Companies :- Wave Cinemas
  • Production :- Grazing Goat Pictures
  • Release Date :- 28 September 2012
  • Country :- India
  • Language :- Hindi

O My God Movie Story Line 

The movie O My God though is a comedy film and there are some educational things to be found in this movie. In this movie, it is a middle class family and it has a shop in the market and the shop is already insured and the idols of God are sold in the shop. Suddenly one day there was an earthquake and his shop collapsed but all the shops in the market were fine but that shop collapsed. Since his shop was insured, he went to the insurance company to collect his money. And then the insurance company informed him that there is no insurance for any natural calamity incident. So when the insurance c himompany doesn't pay, he gets angry and goes to court to file a case in the name of God. Whenever he tells all the lawyers in the court that he wants to file a case in the name of God, all the lawyers run away. When no one wants to fight his case, Paresh Rawal himself fights his case and makes his case in the name of God. The God who broke my shop for which the insurance company is not paying me, therefore God has to pay. And then according to the court order all the temple priests are asked to appear in the court and then all the temple worshipers will not pay the money alleging that neither we nor our god broke your shop we will not pay the money you collect the money from the insurance company from the company. After courting in this way for quite some time, one day the Lord himself guided the latter and showed him the way out of this way. This is the main theme of the movie My God

O My God Movie Video Quality

O My God Do Movie Video Quality Excellent Video Quality. When you watch O My God movie in 4K video quality you will see clearly from the hair of the body to the PCT of the eyes. A great colorful movie. You can watch this My God movie in 4k, full hd, 1080p, 720p. You can watch this movie in your favorite quality

How To Download O My God Hindi Movie

O My God movie is so popular movie that even after its release in 2012 still you can't download the movie from anywhere or from any performance online. The reason why you can't download this movie from any situation yet is because this movie is still on Prime which is why you can't download it for free from anywhere. So it is our duty to deliver you to the right place so that you can watch the movie and enjoy it. That's why Digital World informs you that you can watch the My God movie from all the platforms where you can watch the movie online, like in some places you can watch the movie from memory after Prime recharge. Like you will get Jio movies on Netflix etc. You can watch this movie online.

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