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Voter Aadhaar Link CSC | Voter Aadhaar Link From CSC

Voter Aadhaar Link CSC | Voter Aadhaar Link From  CSC

Government's big announcement. Aadhaar link with voter card. Now Aadhaar link with this voter card is very important. If you have not yet linked your voter card with Aadhaar card, then definitely link your voter card with Aadhaar card as soon as possible. Currently Election Commission of India has partnered with SPV of CSC to conduct various electoral registration services through CSC to improve voter registration in elections. We have already seen all the voter card work done by CSC but till now this dark link process is not present in CSC. You can also do this service through your smartphone.

Currently various government services are provided through CSC Digital Seva Portal.

List of government services that are fired from CSC.

1) Selection

Election Commission of India has chosen CSC to improve voter registration and ease of work through which various electoral registration services are done directly.

2) Aadhaar

CSC STV started its journey through UIDAI Register in January 2013. Today it has reached the highest sheets in the country. Dark authentication works

3) Passport

CSC is collaborating with Special Ministries for Head of Passport Service through CSC across the country, payment of fee under passport service and complete form fill up with appartment schedule for visiting passport center is done through CSC. And for this the common customers are very happy.

4) PAN Card

A very important card of the government is this PAN card. You can use this card as And with PAN card is a permanent account number. This PAN card service is also done through CSC. The PAN card service is divided into two parts. One is NSDL. And another is UTI.

5) E District

E-District schemes generally seek to provide government services to citizens through CSCs of Service Centers which are easily xx-eligible across a range of departments brought under one umbrella at any CSC. CSC was brought in so that the common man can take all the benefits at a single centre.

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